Work as a Support Coordinator

Job Description

Services that assist participants in gaining access to needed program and State plan services, as well as needed medical, social, educational and other services. Support Coordination is managed by one individual (the Support Coordinator) for each participant. The Support Coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining the Individualized Service Plan with the participant, their family, and other team members designated by the participant. The Support Coordinator is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the provision of services included in the Individualized Service Plan.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any field
  • 1 year of experience working with adult (21 or older) individuals with developmental disabilities
    • The experience must be the equivalent of a year of full time documented experience working with adults (21 or older) with intellectual/developmental disabilities
    • This experience can include paid employment, volunteer experience, and/or being a family caregiver of an adult with a developmental disability
    • If you have previously provided care coordination to a different population and some percentage of the individuals you served had developmental disabilities, you may be able to demonstrate the equivalence of a year of experience working with adults with developmental disabilities
  • Support Coordination Supervisors must meet all of the qualifications of a Support Coordinator
  • Support Coordination Supervisors cannot be related by blood or marriage to anyone who’s plan they will supervise or sign off on
  • State, Federal Criminal Background checks and Central Registry check at the time of hire
  • Successfully complete trainings required by DDD before rendering services

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